Thursday, April 11, 2019

Inspiration Strikes

Time to Start a New Story!

So on my dad's side, I'm Scot Irish. Like, completely. 
And I LOVE it.
When I learned this, I started researching and learning all I could about Celtic and Irish mythology. To me, it was MUCH more interesting than the Greek/Roman we all learn in school. 

That was almost 20 years ago. 

Fast forward to now, with the huge success of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series, and I want to bring my Irish myths into the mix!
I actually got the idea at lunch at work one day. I worked in this office building that had a few nice outdoor tables. I was out at lunch, and the most beautiful glossy black raven decided to chill out right next to me (by right next to me I really mean about 100 feet away...).
The thing is, ravens are SMART. And very important in Irish mythology. Badb Catha and the Morrigan are both shown with ravens. 
So I got the idea of someone having a raven as a familiar, or a spirit animal, or something like that. 

That was over 5 years ago.

I hadn't done a whole lot with the idea besides note it and move on. I was planning my wedding, then buying a house, then focusing on my career...
When I decided to start writing seriously, I had other projects in mind. But I keep coming back to this idea. So about a year or so ago, I started researching, and developing an idea in my mind.


For those of you who aren't as familiar with Iron-Age Irish and Celtic cultures, druids were the people. They acted as priests, doctors, lawyers, historians...they did everything. All their lore was handed down orally, and they trained for years before becoming an actual druid and being allowed to practice. Even Kings deferred to them, or (if you're familiar with the Ulster Cycle) regretted ignoring them.
So my character with the raven...she would have to be a druid.
Oh, and would have to be a she, because I love writing female characters (sorry guys! I promise I'll have some awesome men coming soon!).

And then I got this crazy idea...

What if druids still existed? What if they served as a tie to the spiritual world? What if they helped keep our planet healthy? And as sacred places were destroyed (that is, developed), they lost the power they needed to keep our planet healthy?
Now I have everything I need to start some serious worldbuilding:
Setting--modern day, in North America, preferably close to my Eastern PA base, so I can do research while on hiking and camping trips (tax write off, anyone?).
Characters: Protagonist would be the up and coming druid, and would have a foot in two worlds--new friends who are also druids, but old friends from college as well. 
Plot: Well, I think a traditional hero's journey and a little saving of the world would be perfect. 

Next Time

I want to start fleshing out this world some--so I'll look at druids some more, and start the plotting part (which is still top secret!).
I hope to have some rough drafts posted in May--so keep checking in!

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